Frequently Asked Questions
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Common Questions About Us

Why choose We See'Um Golf Carts for your golf cart rental?

Our locally-owned and -operated company sets itself apart from the competition with our large inventory of golf carts for rent and exceptional customer service. Customers can rent gas, electric, four-seater, or six-seater golf carts and enjoy easy, convenient delivery straight to their doorstep. Once the rental period ends, we’ll take that golf cart off your hands with convenient pickups. We keep our fleet of golf carts well-maintained with routine checks.

Why do I need a golf cart to travel around the island?

Saint Helena Island and Fripp Island are both small, intimate islands without much local traffic. Tourists quickly see that both islands have dedicated golf cart communities. Golf carts are a great choice for cruising along and exploring the island without the inconvenience of getting your car sandy.

What seating configurations do you have for your golf carts?

We offer four-seater and six-seater golf carts.

Do you have unique holiday or seasonal pricing?

We often run promotions for golf cart rentals during certain seasons. We also offer discounted pricing for monthly, weekly, or daily golf cart rentals. Click here to view our golf cart pricing.

When will my golf cart be delivered?

We typically deliver golf carts before 4 pm.

When will my golf cart be picked up?

We begin picking up golf carts in the early morning. Your cart should be ready for pickup by 10 am.

How do I prepare my golf cart for pickup?

We ask that your electric golf cart be fully charged, with the battery in the front floorboard. Gas golf carts should have a full tank of gas. You can fill up at the nearby marina. All carts need to be easily accessible and have the keys in the cup holder.

How do I charge an electric golf cart? How do I know I’ve plugged it in correctly?

We recommend that you charge your electric golf cart every night, all night. If you are at home for longer than 30 minutes, charging your golf cart is a good idea. Depending on your golf cart, a gauge or indicator light will light up when the golf cart begins charging. Many will make a low humming noise when charging begins.

How can I tell if my electric golf cart is low on battery?

Most of our electric golf carts have an indicator light that displays the battery charge. If your golf cart has no indicator light, you will notice your cart slowing down as it loses battery power.

How far will a gas golf cart go on one tank?

One tank of gas often lasts all week. We ask that you return your golf cart with a full tank.

Will driving through water damage the golf cart?

Slowly driving through a puddle should not cause damage, but splashing through multiple puddles can. Avoid salt water at all times.

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